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Our Changing World! small steps for the environment.

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At Teckelklub we’ve always believed in making quality products in North America. While the majority of our competitors manufacture overseas and sell mass market, we know quality beats quantity. We still see our original Trench jackets from 1998 walking the trails of Vancouver and that makes us proud! Built to last. When you invest in quality, locally-made products, rather than disposable they make a big impact - less greenhouse gas emissions caused by the pollution involved with shipping from overseas, less oil used, and you're helping to employ a local workforce rather than offshore unregulated labour.

“A small shift in consumer thinking does make a big difference. Instead of buying a lot for very little, we could buy less and spend a little bit more, knowing that the extra capital goes to ensuring safe working environments and fair wages. This movement is making a difference in the fashion industry, where consumers are encouraged to buy quality over quantity. You get what you pay for.” [Esther Rogers, Editor Misc.]

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