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What's your Inspiration in 2020?

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The past decade has been full of good news and some startling reminders that we all need to participate at some level in what's happening in our world, our cities, and our communities. We are inspired by the optimists that continue to move ideas forward when it comes to climate action, living local, and becoming the most 'green' we can be in our own worlds.

As a small business that has worked to keep pace with the changing pet industry for the past 22 years, Teckelklub has remained true to its original mission: to applaud the importance of dogs in all aspects of our lives; to a continuous commitment to quality products; to make all our products 100% in Canada; and of course to engage with our customers and the communities where we do business responsibly.

We are proud that our products are not mass produced and plan to stay true to our social responsibility commitment. Teckelklub continues to be inspired by the many dogs and their owners that have become our friends far & wide. Thank you for your support and we wish you the best 2020 has to offer ahead. Happy New Year!

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