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Organic Purity + Chemical-free Dog Wellness Products

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Take one simple step forward in earth-friendly, chemical-free shampooing & conditioning in one for your dog. Our non-irritating au naturel formula is safe, gentle, and effective for daily use. The shampoo bar does away with traditional packaging to just bundle simple goodness in a creamy wash that gently cleanses and nourishes while leaving your dog's coat softer than silk. No chemicals, phthalates, parabens, petroleum, or sodium lauryl sulfate. https://www.teckelklub.com/the-k9-essence-organic-...

Super rich with lots of lather, the natural ingredients gently clean without stripping away natural oils. Rich in nourishing organic ingredients, The K9|essence™ Organic Dog Shampoo+Condition Bar will change the way you and your best friend think about bath time. Concentrated, long-lasting bar equals the shampoo power of several large bottles of liquid shampoo.

Every Teckelklub Organic wellness product is pure + 100% organic. Chemical-free choices that are good for your dog and the environment. Proudly made in small-batches with care.

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