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The Layers of Fall 2019

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Every dog is unique. Just like humans we all like to layer our clothes for a combination of warmth and functionality based on the weather. It’s a tried and true way to enjoy everyday outdoors with your best friend. Try our snug fitting, high quality Fuzzie® fleece base layer. Great for everyday comfort and warmth outdoors or on drafty floors. Teckelklub uses only the highest quality anti-pill fleece that will keep its shape for years. Our fleece is classic with a higher warmth-to-weight ratio than light 4-way stretch fleece that loses its shape quickly and only has the warmth of a t-shirt.

If the weather changes, it’s easy to layer any of our waterproof, breathable dog coats for those unpredictable changes or predicted rain & snow conditions. We do not use any non-breathable fabrics or PVC that trap moisture between your dog’s coat and the jacket. In fact, we really believe that no dog [or human] should wear any PVC products as they are made from toxic chemicals. Vinyl chloride, the key building block of PVC, is classified as a known human carcinogen. PVC products are manufactured in highly toxic factories offshore and are often labeled with the word vinyl. Please keep your dog and yourself safely away from PVC raingear.

Layering just makes sense for Fall. Choose layers that are made from quality products to stand the test of time and those that put safety first!

SuperZoo Carbon Footprint - A Little Birdie Told Us

Teckelklub is a virtual participant at SuperZoo 2019. While we used to travel annually to Las Vegas for this show, in recent years we made it our business priority to reduce our carbon footprint and not attend in person. We still offer show specials to our loyal customers who can use the coupon code SUPERZOO [...]

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Make every day EarthDay! 365

One day is just not enough to make that difference. We can all take small steps to make change on humanity’s impact on our planet. Lessen our impact & yours to slow climate change by choosing enviro-concious dog goods made locally or made in North America. The positive impact adds up by providing support to your local community [...]

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