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SuperZoo Carbon Footprint - A Little Birdie Told Us

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Teckelklub is a virtual participant at SuperZoo 2019. While we used to travel annually to Las Vegas for this show, in recent years we made it our business priority to reduce our carbon footprint and not attend in person. We still offer show specials to our loyal customers who can use the coupon code SUPERZOO to save online; as well as savings passed along to our wholesale clients. Please contact us at info@teckelklub.com to inquire about show specials on now! As SuperZoo says "Every Dog Has It's Day" - give us a shout at 1-866-688-7802 to find out more.

We can all play a role in sustainability by no longer ignoring our collective carbon impact or other major environmental impacts of the event industry. Waste at these events is a huge issue - from the mountain of plastic water bottles & bags, to the food waste and paper products printed only to be discarded. Online and virtual are the way of the future while we all try to reduce our carbon footprints and reduce our fossil fuel consumption.

Teckelklub remains committed to lowering our impact further by manufacturing all our products in Canada. This eliminates the fossil fuels used to transport product from overseas to North American markets. We also believe in fair labour practices which mean local people make our dog goods with quality that is built to last. Take advantage of our locally made in Vancouver products online https://www.teckelklub.com or visit our small business partners in your community. Check out our new Fuzzie-soft BunnyHug https://www.teckelklub.com/the-bunnyhug-fleece-hoodie Questions - please give our customer service team a call. Enjoy!

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