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It's THANKS to you!

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This is our opportunity to thank our loyal customers around the globe for supporting small business and making our collective future cleaner & brighter. The benefits of buying made in North America are deeper than simply putting money back into the local economy. It's great for the environment by cutting overseas and local emissions needed to ship goods; it ensures you know who is making your products, that they're being compensated and treated in a socially responsible manner; and the goods are sweatshop and child labour free! Handcrafting all our Teckelklub products in Canada does make a difference. Oh Canada!

There are so many ways to give thanks during our Canadian thanksgiving from lending a helping hand and volunteering in your community or by doing a simple act of kindness for a senior. This good news story brings warmth to our hearts http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2017/10/06/thanksgivi...

Take a Walk in the Park. Autumn Colours Abound.

Vancouver, http://vancouver.ca/about-vancouver.aspx our hometown has amazing colours of foliage from mid-September through early November. Trees and shrubs alike turn brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow. Take a walk in the park with your best friend, run through the crisp dry leaves, and savor all that nature has to offer.Stanley Park http://vancouver.ca/parks-recreation-culture/stanl... is our gem [...]

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What’s up Sirius?

The sultry summer is upon us in our hometown of Vancouver. We have so many places to visit from the mountain tops to the deep blue of our Pacific ocean. The beaches are dotted with summer, the dogs are frolicking in the waters on our shores. Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky, and the summer sunsets are [...]

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July enter to win local Teckelklub @ Bones Pet Store Vancouver

Teckelklub supports local, independent businesses. In July take a minute to explore one of our retailers Bones Pet Store in Yaletown. https://www.bonesps.comEnter to win a Teckelklub Iconic Canada Trench to bring in Canada's 150 in style. We’re very grateful to have such loyal Teckelklub friends far & wide around the globe. Our new catalog for the 2017 [...]

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16 Hours of Sunshine

Summer solstice is upon us - how quickly another rainy year goes by! In our hometown of Vancouver we are sun worshipers as soon as it peeks at us. And why not? We get more months of rain than most; more grey, overcast days than most. We embrace our hikes in the Pacific Spirit Park [...]

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Healthy You Challenge is On! Great Prizes, Good Fun.

We can't think of a better month than June to be active and enjoy the opening month of the flowers, fresh air, and sunshine. Teckelklub is proud to sponsor The Sarcastic Dog blog https://sarcasticdog.com as it embarks on its annual 30 day challenge to motivate us all to get active, explore the outdoors, and live [...]

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May is Bright Green

The sun is finally shining on Vancouver making our beautiful surroundings bright green. We love green and live green! Teckelklub believes in a cleaner future for generations to come. We are taking action by keeping all our manufacturing local, made in Canada, to help keep and bring back manufacturing jobs to North America. Buying locally [...]

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Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head

49°11'41.000" N in our hometown of Vancouver BC we’ve enjoyed lots of precipitation in April. The plants bring forth their buds, the days seem to get longer with every passing week, and we’re still wearing our waterproof gear.May 24 the official start of Spring seems like a ways away with the prospect of rain that keeps falling in April.To celebrate the [...]

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The Sun Gives Way to April Showers

"Though April showers may come your way; They bring the flowers that bloom in May; So if it's raining have no regrets; Because it isn't raining rain you know, it's raining violets."Limited time offer from Teckelklub all sizes are $30! Get 100% waterproof, breathable coverage for April showers in our ever popular lightweight Indigo Urban https://www.teckelklub.com/the-urban-waterproof-do...This offer is just [...]

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March Roars in Cold across Canada

With a few short days of Spring like weather here in Vancouver we quickly forgot about the abundance of snow that accumulated in February. The crocuses and snowdrops reared their tiny petals amidst the soggy earth. The promise of warmer dry days quickly changed to showers. As it rains in March, so it rains in June. Be prepared for [...]

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